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Laser type: CO2 laser
Work area: 29 x 17 in
Max. workpiece height: 7.8 in
‚ÄčLaser power: 60 watt

Rotary capacity: 6.5 x 20 in

Laser Marking

We are able to mark uncoated metals through the process of thermal bonding,  a process utilizing the heat energy of the laser to bond a special coating to the base material. The coating is sprayed on, run through the laser, then washed off, leaving a nice dark and durable mark. Stainless steel, tool steel, brass, chrome, aircraft grade aluminum, pewter and titanium can all be marked in this manner. We are happy to share Durability Testing Results upon request.

‚ÄčLaser marking is typically used for marking various metals needing serial or model numbers. Our alpha-numeric laser marking and bar coding is done via computer-controlled software, with rotary capabilities. This means we can mark any variation of flat, curved or round surfaces with sequential serial numbers, alphanumeric variations, and bar codes.

Thanks to the high precision of laser marking, even very delicate graphics and very small geometries will turn out clearly legible. At the same time, marking with the laser ensures constant high-quality results.